Beauty: MAC x Taraji P Henson Makeup Collection


A few weeks ago MAC Cosmetics launched a new line in collaboration with Taraji P. Henson. I was lucky enough to hop online and order a few things before what I wanted sold out. I picked up the lipstick in Strip Me Down and the Mineralize Skinfinishes in Taraji Glow and Highlight the Truth. See below for swatches and my review.


MAC | Strip Me Down Lipstick

First up is the only lipstick in the entire collection, Strip Me Down. As the name leads you to believe, this beautiful lipstick is in the nude family. It is a rich deep brown with a hint of dark peach, which makes the color more fun and alive. A lot of nudes can wash you out, especially if you are a woman of color, but this lipstick brings life to the lips in a natural way.


MAC | Taraji Glow Mineralized Skinfinish Natural

Next up is the Mineralized Skinfinish Natural in Taraji Glow. This is a beautiful brick colored blush that is perfect for the fall. In fact, this color is perfect year round for my ladies with a little more melanin. The color payoff is absolutely amazing, and the product glides onto and blends into the skin like butter. It is probably my favorite item from the collection.


MAC | Highlight the Truth Mineralize Skinfinish

Last, but most certainly not least, we have the Mineralize Skinfinish in Highlight the Truth. I usually go for more gold or champagne highlights, because I find them to be more flattering on my complexion. I must say that this peachy, pink highlight gives me LIFE! OMG, when well-blended this highlight makes you look like you are glowing from within. I think I like it because it pulls way more peach than pink pink on me and pair exceptionally well with the blush from this collection.


All in all, I am very pleased with all of my purchases, as I did buy all of these things myself. MAC really has never disappointed me, and I saw how GORGEOUS Taraji looked in the ads, so my expectations were very high. Some of these items are sold out, so be sure to check places like Ebay if you see anything you like, and it’s no longer available on MAC’s site. Let me know if any of you were able to pick up any of these items down below in the comments.


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