50 Random Facts About Me Tag

Hey Loves!

I teamed up with 3 beautiful blogger babes to bring you guys this 50 random facts about me tag. It was way harder than you would think to come up with 50 things about myself, but with the help of my friends and google I was able to pull it off. Check below for my facts.


I hope you walk away from this feeling like you know me a little better. In the comments leave 3 random facts about yourself so I can get to know YOU. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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I went to bed last night next to my husband, feeling so grateful to have the love of someone who cared for and loved me unconditionally. Then I started thinking about how many women are looking for that same exact thing, but have not found it or don’t feel worthy of it. I just want to remind you that you are more than worthy of everything that you desire, and I want to be there to help you achieve it.

I’ve been having this quarter life crisis where I ‘ve been struggling trying to figure out what is next for me. I recently had to leave a job of almost 10 years, one that I was good at but was not passionate about. Now here I was no clue which direction to go, but just knowing that I didn’t want to find another job that just paid the bills but didn’t excite me. I wanted a career! Something that I was excited to do, work at, and grow every day. After weeks of obsessing over what I should do, I realized I was passionate about my online community. My Kendra Curvy brand has brought so many wonderful people and oppurtunities into my life. I’ve been able to reach and help so many people and nothing has made me more happy than the way I feel interacting with you all. The only problem was I had been doing this for years and not really making much money from it. Mostly because I never really looked for new ways to monetize because I already had a full time job, this was just a hobby. I’ve decided that I no longer want this to be just a hobby, I want THIS to be my career!

At first I doubted myself because I’ve never started a business before, and because I doubted the value of my advice and opinions. Over time I came to realize that every business had to start somewhere, and that my opinions did in fact matter. I had already helped so many with my words of encouragement and advice, I could do so much more with a larger platform. So I’m doing it! I’m chasing my dream of becoming a Digital Influencer and a friend to the masses because I’m worth finally doing what my heart has called me to do. I’m worth this and so much more, and so are YOU!!